Hi, I’m Carachel, and this is my sci-fi coming of age webserial called Slush.

Set in the not-so-distant 22nd century, Slush follows the lives of six teenagers in their final year of high school, ready to become adults in a scarred world healing from climate change. The future is bright, but this changes in the advent of first contact, when an intelligent alien race is discovered in the limelight of Barnard’s Star. Now the coming year is uncertain, and for the untimely students at St. Victoria’s High School, things may never be the same again…

Whether it is the quiet soul who’s lived above the Galilean moons all her life, the peppy gearhead with her own robot companion, the genetically designed antisocialite, the lovable nerd cured of his mental disorder, the weary intellectual unsure of her purpose, or the headstrong young adult raised in the colonized Antarctic, I hope there is someone you’ll enjoy reading about. Check out the About or Cast page if you’re curious!

To start from the very first chapter, click here. If you’ve read Slush before, click here for the newest chapter. If you have any triggers, I wrote this page to help you. Slush updates every Tuesday around 9am PST, so check then for something new!

Thanks for coming!